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V The outbreak of contagious and deadly diseases such as coronavirus has had a profound impact on all aspects of life, and besides posing a serious threat to health, it has made it difficult to use medical services and communicate with doctors and has increased concerns. As in the previous difficult conditions of human life on this planet, the victory belongs to that human again, and this time the phenomenon of Tele Medical Practice or remote diagnosis and treatment has brought security, comfort and peace back to our lives. The first effective step in solving the world's medical problems is the correct and accurate diagnosis of the disease using advanced medical facilities. So far, the physical presence of the patient has been required to perform medical examinations and diagnoses, and in special circumstances, the results of the tests are sent to other medical centers for final diagnosis so that they can provide their analysis and diagnosis. When we have a problem, we either have to go to the doctor or the doctor comes to our bedside for diagnosis, and this is while in the current situation of the global coronavirus epidemic, both the patients and the medical staff are afraid of the spread of this disease from facing each other. They refuse, and it is in such difficult conditions that remote diagnosis and treatment technology is a suitable solution for this urgent need.

And it creates the possibility that we can use the benefits of this technology with the highest possible accuracy and by eliminating the cost of commuting and other outrageous costs of diagnostic procedures, without being in the office, and in other words, in complete health and psychological safety. To be accompanied by our doctor day and night. The next step after diagnosing the disease is to take appropriate treatment measures to end the pain and suffering of the patients in the shortest possible time. Apart from the cost of drug treatment, inaccessibility and sometimes rarity of drugs are two basic problems of medical science, which, especially in the current difficult conditions, have greatly reduced the chances of curing the disease, and in these unfortunate conditions, TMP or remote diagnosis and treatment have been able to be the best possible method to eliminate this problem. In this way, you don't have to worry about diagnosing your physical and mental problems anymore, and if you are worried about the right treatment solution for your problem, you can experience integrated and curative treatment using this modern technology in the shortest possible time and with the least complications.

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The Qinformiton team has been able to provide remote diagnosis and treatment needs in cooperation with medical scholars and elites around the world.

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