Remote or near medicine

بایورزونانس در پزشکی
سپتامبر 11, 2022
بایورزونانس در دامپزشکی
سپتامبر 17, 2022
Before the coronavirus epidemic, the face of medicine in the world was very different from what happened after the coronavirus epidemic. Consider that before the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic, you had a medical problem, for example, if you had chest pain, it was necessary to see a doctor, and if the situation is urgent, you should go to an emergency treatment center that the relevant doctor after performing examinations clinically, and probably performing a series of diagnostic measures such as taking an ECG or echocardiography, you will reach a series of diagnoses about your problem, and according to those diagnoses, treatment measures would be taken. But after the corona epidemic, these equations were completely messed. Due to compliance with health protocols and fear of infection, people tried to maintain social distance and avoided going to diagnostic and treatment centers as much as possible. This situation made medical problems more complicated and many people were afraid that if they did not get infected with coronavirus , they refused to go to the doctor or medical centers, and this caused their problems to become much worse and even caused their death. After the coronavirus epidemic, all the modern technologies were used to support the medical staff so that they could remove the distance between the doctor and the patient. That is why facilities such as telemedicine or (remote medicine) were launched through social networks, in this way the patient could talk to his doctor, get medical advice, and if necessary, special diagnostic measures could be taken without visiting the doctor in person ,refer to diagnostic centers such as electrocardiogram or echocardiography. But in this regard, some patients were so afraid of contracting the coronavirus that they even refused to go to diagnostic centers, and this made the problem more complicated. Now consider that these different technologies in the world have joined hands and can solve medical problems in epidemic conditions In the following, you will get acquainted with remote diagnosis and treatment technology, and you will realize that this technology can overcome many of the limitations of medical science, especially in epidemic conditions such as the coronavirus epidemic.

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